The Face Shop

Video Production, KOL & Lazada Live


The Face Shop


Brand Awareness and Product Launch


The Face Shop Malaysia sought an all encompassing marketing campaign to build brand awareness and launch their latest product, Vitamin Brightening Serum, within a limited timeframe The challenge lay in successfully accomplishing every facet of the campaign, such as developing the script, conducting casting sessions, selecting appropriate clothing, securing suitable venues, preparing props, arranging shooting equipment including lighting and camera crew, and more, all within the span of just one month.


With meticulous planning and execution, we created a captivating commercial for social media, serving as the main content to communicate with the public and introduce the Vitamin Brightening Serum The video
showcased a delightful young couple with heartwarming interactions, effectively highlighting the product's benefits

We sourced Key Opinion Leaders ( to promote the product and organized live selling events on Lazada We also arranged a special ground event where the actor from the commercial made a personal appearance, engaging with fans and further strengthening the brand's connection with its audience Through a combination of social media, KOL promotions, and live events, we ensured maximum exposure and engagement for The Face Shop Malaysia This generated significant awareness and interest in the Vitamin Brightening Serum.