Event Management




To enhance brand image and increase brand awareness by sponsoring products to small F&B business owners, and conduct surveys to have better grasp of the target market.


Low brand awareness in a market which vastly consumes santan (coconut milk).


Every year, Ramadan bazaar hawkers in Malaysia are required to attend a “Hari Taklimat” organized by the local city councils for business briefing along with the distribution of their operating licenses. Leveraging on this opportunity, we coordinated a 4-days roadshow for M&S Santan at Dewan Auditorium MBSA during the “Hari Taklimat”. We set up a counter and buntings near the entrance to the auditorium to increase exposure and gain more eyeballs. In the auditorium, buntings were set up around audience section and on the stage. During intermission, a brand representative was given 10-minutes to make an introduction of M&S Santan on stage, further promoting the brand to the Ramadan bazaar hawkers. Promoters were on-site to hand out questionnaires to all the attendees where they will receive a goodie bag packed with samples and brochures when they have completed the survey. M&S Santan was sold at a discounted price during the 4-days roadshow to encourage purchase, inadvertently increasing brand exposure.


871 sales

272 survey received

960 eye ball