A digital campaign to create awareness to promote the new product, “Kopiko Java 2in1” as a healthier choice for the coffee drinker. At the same time, change the perception of the public which Kopiko only selling coffee candy.


There is no marketing effort has been invested in Kopiko Malaysia for the past 6 years. They also do not have a strong digital presence and lacking in term of social communications and online engagement.


A microsite was created to serve as a content hub where all the information about the brand, products, contest and campaign can be found online. The contest was the main focus where it would help to create awareness through user-generated contents and word-of-mouth marketing. We created social contents on both Facebook and Instagram to deliver the messages and spark engagement between the fans and the brand. At the same time, we also engaged with 9 KOLs and utilize their followers to create some third-party voice to further enhance the campaign. Users acquisition through digital ads (Facebook, Instagram & Google) was carried out during the whole campaign period to drive more traffics to the social profile as well as the microsite. Last but not least, all the data we collected through the website, social profile and contest are analyzed and these valuable insights will assist to plan the next marketing campaign.


12.6 million+ total impressions.

5.6 million+ total reach.

10 thousand+ total link clicked to the microsite.

440 thousand+ total post engagements.

254 total participations