Social Media & Contest




Awareness, Engagement & Traffic


Kjeldsens, a premium cookie brand, faced the challenge of being new to social media and had no established way to drive traffic to their online store. They approached us with the objective of establishing their social media presence and engagement, while also driving more traffic to their Shopee store.


To establish their new social media account, we helped them create a Corporate Identity that would serve as a visual guideline for their brand. To increase awareness and engagement, we developed content that highlighted the premium quality and taste of their cookies, and showcased the brand's rich history. We also ran contests that were aligned with the brand persona and had a friendly and warm theme. To drive traffic to their Shopee store, we implemented a Collaborative Performance Advertising Solution (CPAS) that was integrated with their Shopee account. As a result, Kjeldsens was able to establish a strong social media presence and engagement while also driving more traffic to their Shopee store.