FFM - Chill & Frozen Category

Social Media & E-commerce Solutions




To increase brand awareness, drive user engagement and conversion on digital platforms.


FFM chill and frozen category covers 3 brands from the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry where each offers a unique range of products that target families and young working adults. As the FMCG market is highly competitive, the brands’ awareness and engagement are low, hence a different digital strategy is indispensable.   


On Facebook and Instagram, we ran ads to better reach a larger number of audiences to build brand awareness. We curated relatable and engaging content for each of the brands - polls, quizzes, lifestyle tips, and contests were the content pillars to boost engagement and organic reach. Other than that, we united the 3 brands together and produced creative content that cross-sells, highlighting the products from each of the respective brands. After establishing a stronger brand presence and online community, we took to Shopee. We launched a Shopee Mall under the name FFM Chill & Frozen Official Store, making the products available online on Malaysia’s leading e-commerce platform to boost online sales, and more importantly we can collect consumer data for better optimization and future marketing decisions making. We managed everything from the mall set up, launch campaign, producing creatives like banners and product visuals, and uploading product listings. Ads were run on Facebook and Shopee to build awareness and drive traffic to FFM Chill & Frozen Official Store.


2,662,915 people reached

465,943 post engagements

81,542 page likes