Anna Sui Product Launching

Event Road Show & Production


Anna Sui


To promote its newly launched perfume - Fantasia Mermaid collection in a unique and engaging way highlight the product’s whimsical scent of fantasy.


The American fashion brand Anna Sui introduced a new fragrance line to better cater to a younger target audience. However, it was challenging to stand out from its competition because the brand’s awareness was relatively low.


With the campaign theme of “Dive Into Fantasy”, we wanted customers to have an immersive experience, taking them into a wondrous journey, just like a fairytale. Roadshows were hosted at a few beauty & department stores, aimed to attract customers and drive footfall. Product sampling and customer survey were done to give customers first-hand experience to the new product and collect data for future marketing purposes. We produced mermaid standees, decorations and a beautifully crafted treasure chest box for a lucky draw to enhance the customer journey and experience.


3,800+ photo on social media

1,099 customer surveys & data collected

60 sales within 12 days